On September 2nd, 2014 Chris Benton released his debut album “The Lonely Ones”. At its core “The Lonely Ones” plays out like a rock alternative album reminiscent of something that could have come out in the 90’s. Fans of bands like Foo Fighters, Incubus, or even Canada’s Treble Charger will certainly find something to enjoy on “The Lonely Ones”. Chris grew up listening to late 90’s punk and emo bands like Saves the Day, Nofx, Thursday, Good Riddance, Thrice, and Lagwagon. There is no doubting that these punk sensibilities shine through on tracks like “The Golden Rule” and the album’s title track “The Lonely Ones”. The album was recorded at Dream Builders studios located in Chris’s hometown of Cornwall, Ontario, Canada by Roy Nichol. All of the guitars, bass, drums, and vocals on the ten tracks were written and performed by Chris. The lyrical content on the album stems from Chris’s own personal experiences and the emotions that come with them. Realizing who one really is as a person and always staying true to oneself is the major theme of the album. Chris’s vocal delivery is full of emotion, energy, soaring melodies, and three part harmonies. The album has a nice melodic feel with choruses that will resonate in the heads of listeners and have them singing along. Chris has plenty of past experience playing in bands and touring. He played bass guitar and sang backing vocals for Kingston, Ontario’s Everlea. They were a four piece rock outfit who were signed to Glass note records in New York City. Everlea supported a cross-Canada tour opening up for Toronto’s Lights and performed at Billboard Headquarters. Chris has been playing in bands for more than half of his life and has gained a vast amount of experience in the process. Chris has big plans for the future with the goal of self-releasing his sophomore album sometime late 2015. Chris is currently playing as many shows as possible in support of “The Lonely Ones” and is hoping to play for you and your friends! Listen to “The Lonely Ones” over at his website at www.chrisbenton.co and drop him a line.

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The Lonely Ones

Chris Benton’s first full length studio album has just been released.

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